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Georgia Rolling is now on Audible!

The Georgia Rolling Audiobook, written by Joel Cutter and narrated by Randy McCarten, is now exclusivly available on Audible by Amazon.

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Joel Cutter

“Gritty, spot on, a book that speaks to our times … Watch out, Lee Child!”

- Angela Robertson, Editor Sun News.

Having killed a man at the age of 14 in a robbery gone wrong, second-generation Crip gang member Protean “Pro” Williams has broken free of the violent cycle of his teen years and leads a promising life as a youth pastor and National Guard soldier.

When tragedy strikes his family, he returns to his roots to support his mother and twin sister and fights the guilt of abandoning them to their uncertain fate.

Caught between the perception of success and loyalty to a troubled family, and with danger from enemy gangs on one side and a brutally driven detective on the other, every decision has become life-and-death. The clock is ticking.


Joel Cutter

A psychological thriller, Acceptable Lies follows rookie detective Jamie Harris on the trail of a pathological killer. Will he have what it takes to confront evil in its most insidious form?

Discover Joel Cutter, the master of fictionalised 'true crime', today with a free e-book!

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Brett Murray

Your Game Plan is the latest inspirational book from Brett Murray. 


Author, Producer and Activist, Brett Murray is the CEO of what has been called the world's most effective bullying education and prevention charity, Safe Heart Foundation. 


Brett authors books distributed internationally and has written and produced TV Series and Documentaries for Australian Network Television.

Your Game Plan is now available for pre-order!


Geoffrey Young

Guardian Universe is the debut written work by Documentary and Factual TV Writer, Producer and Director Geoff Young.


In this, his debut work, Geoff turns the lens towards that which is unseen, the story unfolding between the lines of history, a struggle in the supernatural between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. 


With a powerful call to action, this explosive new work isn't for the faint-hearted.

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“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in”

Robert Louis Stevenson