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A psychological thriller, Acceptable Lies follows rookie detective Jamie Harris on the trail of a pathological killer. Will he have what it takes to confront evil in its most insidious form?

Acceptable Lies is an outstanding and exciting short story by the master of fictionalized 'true crime' Joel Cutter. Action-packed and with a killer twist, this story is guarenteed to leave you reeling.

“Signal-Fifty… Agh. STOP…” silence.

I recognize the voice of Tom Lackland, a good man I went through the Academy with, managing to get out the rarely heard code for Come help me right now before the terrifying silence resumes.

I wrote the first draft of Acceptable Lies in 2019, right after finishing training an interrogation training course called The REID Technique. I was fascinated at how different the methodology was from what Hollywood portrays, and how incredibly sucessful the interrogators were at getting criminals to confess. When serving as a Police Officer since then I used some aspect of this technique to obtain dozens of confessions, and offer this story as a front-row-seat to the action.

- Joel Cutter

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