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Crime / Fiction

Joel Cutter

Joel Cutter is a former Special Forces Green Beret and Police Officer who draws on his wealth of real-world experience to craft hard-hitting fiction that creates an unforgettable ride.

​A Christian family man, he sees all people through the lens of family, the eternal impact of earthly choices, and opportunity for redemption. He writes stories that weave these elements through criminal lifestyles and pulse-pounding conflict.

A Multimodal storyteller, Joel writes the hard edges of truth in a growing portfolio of visual media, with several short screenplays and video game narrative designs to his credit.

Check out the official webpage at and discover more of the best crime novels from Joel Cutter.


Sports / Inspiration / Spirituality

Brett Murray

Brett Murray is an Author, Producer and Activist. CEO of Safe Heart Foundation, one of the world's most effective bullying education and prevention charities, Brett authors books distributed internationally and has written and produced TV Series and Documentaries for Australian Network Television.

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Christian Fiction

Peter. J. Box

Peter was raised in a strict Christian family that traveled full-time in a nomadic lifestyle and was homeschooled as the oldest of nine children. As an adult, he drifted far from God and experimented with much of what the world had to offer. He had eight children of his own through three marriages, worked in a myriad of professions, and discovered different cultures as he traveled worldwide.


Peter eventually reached a crisis of faith, returned to God, and began writing fiction that highlights Christian spiritual truths and the ongoing war for our souls. After warm reception for several short stories, Peter is now working with CMDR publishing to publish his first full-length novel.

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Geoffrey Young

Geoffrey Young is a Television Producer, Director, and Writer of factual and historical programming for Australian and US audiences. The Guardian Universe is Geoff’s debut written work.

On the screen Geoff's latest project is episode 6 of Inexplicable, which premiered in the US on TBN February 19. Following the journey of Christianity from it's first-century origins, the series explores its growth to four billion followers and counting. 

Geoff lives in Sydney Australia with his wife and son.

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