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CMDR Publishing is excited to be developing entertainment products as video games through Double Thought Studios

Breaker's World is our current project,

a 3rd-person sci-fi action-adventure game set in a unique world created by Joel Balyeat.

Produced in association with Zygobot Studios.

Due to release on Steam in August 2022.

Recent Updates

Pre-Alpha Build 0.5 is now stable! Here is a glimpse of the latest to whet your appetite.

The Breaker's World team continues to grow! 19 and counting intrepid souls are now contributing to this exciting title.

Breaker's World was designed by Joel Balyeat and features elements from his upcoming litRPG novel, Breaker's World.

To learn more about this developing project, visit the design wiki on World Anvil.

To meet the team and follow development, join the project Discord.