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CMDR Publishing specializes in refining and positioning written works for production in film and television.

Some examples of this multi-discipline approach include:

Adapting existing Novels into screenplays

Writing screenplay products from scratch to meet assorted creative needs

Adapting products already on-screen to be effective as novels or other printed works

Recent Highlights

CMDR writers Joel Cutter and Geoff Young worked on a series of ten comedy shorts commissioned in Australia. Working with the team at Rocket Productions and with actors Will Torney, Yannick Lawry, Nafees Nazim and Jodie Dal Bon taking lead roles, this was an amazing project to be involved in. We all look forward to seeing the final product!    

CMDR’s Geoff Young wrote and directed the sixth episode of the six part historical series Inexplicable commissioned by the TBN Network. Working with Executive Producers Karl and Jane Faase from Olive Tree Media, this project was over a year in the making and is now approaching completion. Keep an eye out for this landmark TV series when it premieres across the US on the 19th of February 2021. 

CMDR writers Joel Cutter and Geoff Young have been invited and are in the early stages of development of a pilot episode for a faith based anthology series for distribution in the US. We are very excited about the next steps and will share more details soon! 

If you are currently in the development stages of production and looking to put together a writing team we would love to hear from you. 

To discuss the possibilities contact us today. 

Thank you. We will be in touch asap.

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